Getting Started

Step 1: Downloading & Installing The X Theme or the Cornerstone Plugin

First things first, we need either the X Theme (which comes with the Cornerstone Page Builder) or just the Cornerstone Page Builder. Our layouts require one of these two in order to function. We love using Themeco’s X Theme and Pro Theme so we decided to create premium layouts for them.

Once you’ve purchased and installed the theme/plugin, we can then begin creating a page and adding in the template.

Step 2: Downloading a template

If you haven’t already, visit our Full Site Templates page and purchase any one of our Premium templates. These templates allow you to create a fully designed website in a matter of minutes.

Our templates come packaged nicely in an organized folder. The templates are in the Templates folder and their previews are in the Images folder. There is also a Help Guide in the Resources folder. This is typically how a folder would look like.

Note: Adding The Recommended (but not required) FREE Plugins

To get the best use out of our templates, adding the following free plugins help give you a fully completed website.

  • Contact Form 7 (FREE) – For the contact page

Step 3: Using The Templates

Alrighty, lets get started on adding your first template to your website. All Templates use X Theme/Cornerstone’s Page Layout/Template “Blank – No Container | Header, Footer“. Let’s select and set this option in your WordPress page settings before adding our ElementX template.

Once your page layout is set, click Publish/Save. After that, lets hop into Cornerstone (click on the Cornerstone Tab and then EDIT WITH CORNERSTONE or EDIT WITH X PRO, depending on what Theme you have).

Once Cornerstone loads (it may take 5-10 seconds), your screen will look similar to this. Click on TEMPLATES to add a new template.

Then click UPLOAD and select a Template through your file explorer and click PAGE once it’s upload. Wait a few moments for the entire template to load. It may take longer depending on how big the template is. You will get a green notification in the top right hand corner when it is complete. Here is what it all looks like below.

Click SAVE at the bottom left corner and your template is now ready and viewable on your front-end. At this point, you can edit your copy, images, colors and more. To learn now to use Cornerstone, visit Themeco and use their helpful guides and knowledge board.

Additional Notes

All images are free to use and can be found at

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